Motorcycle Trips: 5 Essential Pre-Season Activities Checklist

TCE - Motorcycle Ride: 5 Essential Pre-Season Checklist Activities

5 Essential Pre-Season Activities Checklist

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Really, the 5 essential pre-season activities checklist in January?

Surprisingly, better believe, it is not too early.

Commonly, last minute plans are 50/50 when it comes to working out.

Consequently, I prefer to plan 3 or 4 weeks out.

Essentially, being prepared eliminates confusion on the road.

Interestingly, knowing 80% of what is supposed to happen is a fair percentage.

Alternatively, 20% is left to the dogs!

Consequently, we cannot predict everything that may happen on the trip.

Nevertheless, planning should include time for unplanned eventualities that could occur.

In the event nothing happens, the additional time can be spent elsewhere.

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What Is The Big Deal About A Checklist?

As a mater of fact, an extended recreational ride is not the same as a trip to the local mall.

TCE  Pre-Season Checklist Activities - What Is The Big Deal About A Checklist?

Nevertheless, at 70 MPH, an 8 hour ride could take us about 450 – 500 miles up or down the road.

With that said, we know this is an overnight trip unless our intent was a circling local route that we rode.

Satisfyingly, the Georgia/Tennessee mountains are good for a short trip like that.

Constantly, swerving left to right and corning curves back and forth.

Actually, this trek a great full days ride.

Back to the checklist, having knowledge from planning does not prevent spontaneity.

Therefore, operating within a parameter ensures no time is wasted.

Realistically, the items on this pre-season activities checklist is more about safety.

With certainty, the fewer surprises, the better.

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First Step Is Getting The Bike Serviced

Generally speaking, the average bike shops keep a waiting list of about two weeks out.

Understandably, getting on the list is probably the hardest part.

Responsibly, an inspection of the electrical and tires is a good start.

A worthwhile mention, a full service may be needed before we can grab those highway miles.

TCE Pre-Season Checklist Activities - First Step Is Getting The Bike Serviced

With hope, perhaps only an oil change needs to be done.

With that said, get you bike into the shop while the getting is good.

Nevertheless, the last thing we need is to wait until we are on the road to work done, especially if it could have been avoided.

TCE - Motorcycle Ride: 5 Essential Pre-Season Activities Checklist
Casamigo Blanco

Truthfully, I been there and done that before!

Unforgettably, Bike Week in Daytona could not have been less fun.

With out a doubt, I will check my wheels beforehand from now on.

Interestingly, all the shops were packed with tire purchasers.

Relieved, it appeared as though I was not the only irresponsible one.

Outrageous, but a set of tires in Daytona costed almost what my Honda CB750 was worth.

However, those ‘straight pipes’ had a happy noise to them.

Seriously, getting put down while on the road is not any fun. Unless there is a fifth of Casamigo Tequila in the conversation, I am not participating.

Nonetheless, the pre-season activities checklist is essential to the plan. As a matter of fact, the plan promotes organization.

Equally, think safety first!

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What Gear Is Needed For The Trip

Regrettably, towing a bike to your destination gets a pass on this point. However, for all us riders, there must be some accommodations in place.

TCE Pre-Season Checklist Activities - What Gear Is Needed For The Trip

Furthermore, it is the beginning of riding season, so rain gears is required in the event a few droplets fall.

Never the less, if you are in a area that seemly typhoon season when riding normally kick off, then put off a distance ride until better times.

Helmets? Check! Gloves? Check! Goggles, if needed? Check! Oh, okay. Reluctantly, I realize that these are standard items.

Nonetheless, inspections of these pieces of equipment are imperative for a safe journey. Furthermore, check the article here.

Road flares or triangles? Check! Unfortunately, stopping at inconvenient spots can happen, but being a to inform traffic this vital to your well being.

Needed tools, pocket knife, matches/lighter, flashlight, and compact solar charger? Check!

Consciously, realize that space is at a minimal; therefore, purchase these supplies to fit your available space, if you haven’t already.

Therefore, it is always better to ‘plan for the worst, but hope for the best’. Unfortunately, I do not know who first said that, but it sounds appropriate in this instance.

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What Route Are We Going to Take As Planned in Pre-Season Activities Checklist

With out a doubt, traveling on a one way stint, meaning you are out on an overnight trip, should be mapped out.

Cautioning, that knowing specific points in between routes is a necessary evil.

For example, on an unfamiliar route, know to approximate distance between gas stations.

Makes sense? Of course it does.

In addition, make the trip adventurous. If time is not a factor, plan in a few sites to visit.

Twisted Sister

In actuality, pictures and souvenirs can tell a whole story.

Nonetheless, a shot glass from here; a piece of crystal from there; and wine from the neighborhood vineyard all create memories.

Besides, the memories will be forever cherished.

On the other hand, you can determine construction, detour, and hazardous traffic setbacks.

Really, who wants to get caught in rush hour traffic in an unfamiliar patch? Definitely, it would not be me.

Once upon a time, on a trip back from Florida.

Surprisingly, the haven of two-lane highways, I got caught coming up on a massive pileup.

Traumatically, the sun was beaming down like the focus of a spotlight at a nightclub.

Hauntingly, as if no other person could feel glow permeating through the air.

Painfully, no fresh air circulating through the vents of my helmet causing my brain to speak to me.

Desperately, pushing me to ride on the edge of the road or between the middle of the cars.

Nah, I would rather be safe than sorry, in the long run.

Eventually, traffic did eventually open back up (1.5 hours later) and we slowly trickled down the roadway like sap oozing down the side of a maple tree.

As it turned out, it was construction that had been in progress for several weeks.

Alternatively, I should have completed my pre-season activities checklist.

 Regrettably, I should have done better. Kick, kick!

Alternatively, if you have all the time in the world, by all means ‘fly by the seat of your pants’. 

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The Pre-Season Activities Checklist Plans The Lodging For The Area

TCE - What’s The Lodging For The Area

Principally, the last thing we need to do is zip out on lodging.

Factually, have an idea of where you are going to stay.

Nevertheless, unless you want to rough it on the seat of you bike or the ground, it is good to know where the best stops are.

Surprisingly, getting a good nights sleep can be refreshing, especially after a 6 or 8 hour trek on the bike.

Definitely, do not make the mistake that I did. 

Memorably, I did a road trip to Florida and there was a boat show in the area.

Unfortunately, I had to drive 50 miles away from the heart of Miami for a hotel.

Boy, that was two hours off my fun time.

Religiously, I will always plan a place to stay in the future, in the mean time.

Undoubtedly, a few clicks on Google certainly would not harm those delicate finger tips.

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The Pre-Season Activities Checklist Identifies What Sites Are In The Area To Visit

Dragon Tail, North Carolina

Nevertheless, no road trip is fun without some specific points of interest.

Anxiously, we need lots and lots of pictures, selfies, vlogs, or whatever your flavor.

Moreover, documenting the trip has its own rewards.

Excitingly, some roadside photography would be nice.

Brazenly, go places where you can meet people, especially, like-minded people.

Understandably, if you sold vacuum cleaners, you would not want to be at an auto parts convention.

Frequently, plan on stopping to stretch your legs at periodic intervals.

Nearby, an old dusty farm rotting away 100 yards from the roadway with a dark red rusted out truck on four flats.

Up the road, a huge lush green pasture surrounded by a white slatted fence twisting and turning with the landscape.

Refreshingly, there is a clear winding rocky creek to the left of the outhouse.

Boldly, both banks recessed revealing the true depth of the flow.

Did it work? Actually, was I able to capture your imagination with my vivid speak and descriptions?

Nevertheless, pictures of the action would have though, guaranteed!

Victoriously, make the moments more memorable by having something to gaze upon at a later date.

Masterfully, prove that you road the ‘Dragon Tail’ in North Carolina or rode the Georgia/Tennessee Mountain roads.

Remember to have fun!

In Conclusion

Interestingly, we have looked at our 5 essential pre-season activities checklist.

Moreover, we do not want to have a great time 50% of the time.

Pointedly, let’s shoot for the high 80s and 90s, if we want to have a memorable time.

TCE _ Good Bye For Now!

So, yes! A checklist is a big deal.

Evidentially, the more you plan, the expectations of a safer the trip will drastically improve.

Undoubtably, getting the bike serviced is first on the list.

Absolutely, the greatest time-consumer on the checklist.

With out a doubt, a two or three week lead time at the shop could cut into trip time.

Thereupon, reducing the fun time.

Moreover, have the right gear is very necessary.

Absolutely, it is better to have what you may need as opposed the needing something that you do not have.

Actually, believe it or not, there is a bit of logic in that.

Patiently, plan your route to save on a headache or two.

Truly, a well thought out route could make all the difference in your enjoyment.

Nevertheless, do not be me and arrive with no place to bed for the night.

Without question, a 6 to 8 hour ride should end at a hotel for the night and not a park bench.

And finally, add in some fun while en route to your destination.

Respectively, from the first mile to the thousandth, the adventure has begun.

Therefore, put those cameras to work.

Snap snap snap snap!

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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