LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet

LS2 Variant
LS2 Variant

LS2 Valiant II – The Best Flip Modular Helmet

  • Chin Guard
  • Comfort & Sizing
  • Face Shield & Sun Visor
  • Graphic & Looks
  • Helmet Noise
  • Safety
  • Ventilation

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The Best 180° Flip Modular Helmet (Updated)

Product Name: LS2 Valiant

Product Price (Range): $289 – $399

Where to buy: Amazon | Revzilla

Guarantee/Warranty: 2 or 5 Year

Product Score/Ranking: Best In Class

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Why You Should Get The LS2 Valiant II

LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet - valiant_03

The LS2 Valiant II 180-degree flip, modular motorcycle helmet.

Building upon the success of the original Valiant, LS2 has again pushed the envelope of technological development.

A newly designed chin bar mechanism is smaller and slimmer than the original, making for a more aerodynamic shell.

The Valiant II retains all of the features and functions of the original Valiant, but with a new more modern look

What to Expect When Buying The LS2 Valiant II

Every one has different preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a [keyword], but I want to offer my opinion on the most important things the the [keyword] should have.

LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet - valiant_01

Look for the chin guard comfort and stability.

The chin guard flips up like another modular helmet; however, the LS2 rotates around 180° to the rear of the helmet.

The chin guard completely rests out of the way. Unlocking and rotating the chin guard is easy and seamless.

I typically open or close mine without having to pull over and stop riding.

Look for comfort and sizing of the LS2 Valiant.

This helmet has a high quality technical fabric liner that wick moisture to keep you cool.

The liner is removable and washable.

The check pads (Thermo-Formed) are 3D laser cut and provide comfort with no hot spots all day.

The Valiant design is made to accommodate intermediate oval heads.

See chart below:

LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet - ls2_measurement-chart-1
LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet - ls2_measurement-head-1

According to LS2-USA, “Measuring your head for helmet fitment is the right place to start, but it is only a guideline.

Different shapes of heads might require a slightly smaller or larger helmet in any given model. 

Trying on the model you are interested in is always recommended.

A helmet should be as snug as possible, without being so tight that it will give you a headache.

It’s best to be fitted by a professional.”

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Consider the LS2 Valiant II’s face shield and sun visor.

LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet - valiant_04

The LS2 Valiant’s face shield is uses optically correct Class A polycarbonate and is PinLock (anti-fog insert lenses) ready.

The Valiant also offers a twin shield system drop down sun visor with a smooth cable-operated switch.

Consider the graphics and looks of the LS2 Valiant.

The graphics and looks to the LS2 Valiant II helmet are not for the faint of heart.

The shell meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05.

The weight of the LS2 Valiant II is approximately 1700g (3.75lbs) with sizes that range from XS – 3XL.

The shell is made from a Polymer Alloy (KPA), 2 shells.

The shell is both ECE “P” and “J” certified as both an open face and full face helmet.

LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet - valiant_05

The Helmet Noise of The LS2 Valiant II.

Many helmet manufacturers boast about the quietness of the helmets.

The LS2 Valiant II, although not that noisy, rates about average in the noise department.

Besides, a number of riders like myself, do not find this helmet to be noisy in the first place.

However, there are always varying opinions about everything.

Although the LS2 Valiant II is a bit noisier than a traditional full face, the sound of turbulence is negligible.

Some suggest wearing ear plug; however, that would affect the quality of sound from speakers, if installed.

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Safety of the LS2 Valiant II is acceptable.

Although the LS2 Variant II has not been tested by the Snell Foundation, it did rank mid range according to the UK SHARP test data.

LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet - valiant_06

The Snell Foundation has one of the most advanced and busiest helmet testing facilities in the world.

Who knows why they have not laid their blessing on this helmet.

Nonetheless, the SHARP test gave the LS2 Valiant II a 4-star overall rating.

The LS2 Valiant II comes with a LS2 Fog Fighter prepared anti-fog face shield that’s also a wide shield to give decent extra peripheral visibility to spot hazards approaching, in the US.

Many reviewers believe that the LS2 Variant has proven that it provides high-ranking impact protection.

Ventilation set up for the LS2 Valiant.

The LS2 Valiant offer 2 two way vents in the front of the helmet.

The first pair is on the chin bar which provides venting to the back of the visor.

LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet - valiant_07

The second pair are located at the crown of the helmet which pushes air through the channels inside the helmet.

There are four independent exhaust vents on the back of the helmet.

There are some arguments as to whether old stale air is ejects as designed since the headliner is solid.

Although I get a little hot when standing still, the airflow appears good.

But then I am bald and do not have the additional fur added to the compressed space of the helmet.

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LS2 Valiant II Product Review

LS2 Valiant: The Best Flip Modular Helmet - valiant_08

Here are the review of the best in class LS2 Valiant II.

With the Thermo Form comfort padding, it is very comfortable too!

The chin guard mechanism is extremely easy to use. It is considered a bit noisy to some, but I personally saw no problem.

LS2 Valiant II (Best In Class)

The LS2 Valiant is a proprietary Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) 180° flip modular helmet.

It has a exceptional face shield system that includes a drop-down sun visor and class one optical shield.

Overall, it is an excellent modular helmet for the money.

The LS2 Valiant II offers great protection for everyone between local commuters and tourers.

Street racers and rough riders should perhaps look in a different direction for their own safety.


  • Well-fitted
  • Good protection
  • Fair price


  • Sun visor lever

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LS2 Valiant II FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about the LS2 Valiant II helmet.

Would it fit intermediate oval, or specifically long oval only?

The Valiant II is is designed for the intermediate oval. You should be fine. 

I have seen some reviews on other sites saying this helmet runs on the smaller side.

I was curious on how accurate the sizing chart is?

Definitely one size too small.

The pressure on the front and back of the head was very uncomfortable. Wish I would have seen this prior to ordering.

I have the scala system on my current modular helmet. will this helmet accommodate the system?

I have the sena 50s every think went perfectly.

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So that concludes our review of the LS Valiant II helmet. It is my favorite for its diversity and overall quality.

If you have any questions about this helmet, please visit the Amazon listings as most questions are answered right on the product page.

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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