How To: Properly Cleaning Your Helmet(s)

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5 Tips To Properly Clean Your Helmet(s)
  • Disassemble helmet(s)
  • Clean pads and inner lining
  • Wipe down shell and face shield/visor
  • Wax shell and treat face shield/visor
  • Allow time to dry and Reassemble

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Tips To Properly Cleaning Your Helmet(s)

How To: Properly Cleaning Your Helmet(s) - Helmet Cleaning

We recommend these 5 steps to properly cleaning your helmet(s).

It is necessary that you properly maintain your helmet(s).

Regularly clean and polishing the exterior of your helmet(s) is essential to keep it nice looking.

You should take special care when cleaning your visor(s). It is important that you do not damage the protective coating.

Cleaning the interior of your helmet(s) helps to remove the sweat and oils absorbed by the liner.

Breaking down the helmet(s) gives you the opportunity to inspect the components for wear or damage.

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Disassemble Your Helmet(s) Is The First Step

How To: Properly Cleaning Your Helmet(s) - Helmet Components

We are opting to completely disassemble the helmet first. By doing so, you can inspect the components immediately.

Finding worn components early in the process allows you to drop by the local motorcycle shop and grab new ones.

In addition, this allows a slight twist to how others recommend cleaning your helmet.

Most instructions recommend cleaning the exterior be for breaking down the helmet.

Which means that you are smudging the finish the shine to remove the guts immediately after cleaning.

Cleaning The Pads And Inner Lining

Now that you have the inner lining and pads out, it is time to give them a bath.

***Remember to removes any electrical components prior to dunking your helmet(s) under water.***

How To: Properly Cleaning Your Helmet(s) - Helmet Liner

Using a large enough container to accommodate all of your components is helpful; however, you can clean them one at a time.

While using lots of warm, mildly soapy water, scrub the interior liner and pads of your helmet(s).

How To: Properly Cleaning Your Helmet(s) - Helmet Cheek Pads

Then rinse components until suds no longer bubble up from the liner when it is squeezed.

If it has been a long time since the last cleaning, it is okay to rinse and repeat.

For those of you that cannot remove the gut from your helmet(s), you will have a large enough container to submerge the entire helmet under water.

These type helmets will just take a lot longer to dry.

Otherwise, this could prove unsafe to ride with.

Set components aside and allow time to dry. Use a fan to speed up the drying process.

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Cleaning The Shell and Face Shield/Visor

How To: Properly Cleaning Your Helmet(s) - Helmet Visor

Cleaning the outer shell is as simple as wiping it down with a little soap and water.

If the helmet has a lot of stubborn dead bugs, you can place a damp cloth over the area and let it sit for a while.

Otherwise, you can use a motorcycle cleaner such as S100 Detail & Wax.

Avoid using any type of harsh chemicals to clean you helmet(s).

Use Q-tips for those small nooks and crannies like the air vents.

The face shield/visor should be given special treatment sine some manufacturers apply special coatings, on the interior, to prevent fogging.

Cleaning the interior side with harsh chemicals could render it useless.

In which case, you would simply use water.

Inspect the face shield/visor to ensure that there is no damage or scratches.

You must take particular care of this component.

You want to avoid scratching the face shield or visor.

Some recommend using a clean microfiber cloth to dry the face shield/visor; however, others recommend a blow dryer.

Just remember to use caution while handling the face shield/visor.

Wax Shell And Treat Face Shield/Visor

How To: Properly Cleaning Your Helmet(s) - Helmet

The next step in the process is to wax the shell and treat the face shield/visor.

A spray-on acrylic wax will work wonders on the outer shell.

I suggest spraying the cloth then applying the wax to the shell.

This prevents excess round-off and spillage.

Many riders treat their face shield/visors with products like Rainex to coat the outside of their face shield/visor.

A thin coat will do the job. There is no reason to waste the product by applying a thick coat.

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Allow Time To Dry And Reassemble

Now that all of the components have been cleaned and allowed time to dry, it is time to reassemble your helmet(s).

How To: Properly Cleaning Your Helmet(s) - LS2 Helmet

You can start be inserting the liner and cheek pad.

Use caution as you assemble these components.

If you removed any electronic components, then they can be reinstalled as well.

Once the internal components are in, replace the face shield/visor.

Careful not to force or jam the shield in to the housing.

Ensure the the face shield/visor properly locks into place.

If it is not properly attached, it will drop out while you are riding.

All of the components are together now so give the helmet(s) one more wipe down to remove any prints from handling it.

You are all done!

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So that concludes our breakdown on how to properly clean your motorcycle helmet(s).

Remember to use caution when handle the individual components.

If you have any questions about cleaning your helmet(s), there are a number resources on the internet that can provide more specific details for you particular equipment.

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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